National Office Resources works with both national and local companies to make your move, either small or large, as smooth and efficient as possible.  Whether you are moving your office across the hall, across town or across the USA or Internationally.

Minimize downtime. Your customers donít need to know youíre in the middle of a move. National Office Resources provides critical path participation of all internal and third party technical (voice and data) and physical move (assets) talent/vendors; direction for the proper activity to be accomplished in the appropriate time frame; creates a plan for contingencies.



Is your expensive office space being used for storage?  National Office Resources has the solution - off site storage!  Whether it's furniture, equipment, supplies,  etc., - they can be stored economically and securely.   We offer clean, organized, and secured warehouse space that's ready to accommodate your short and long-term needs. As your turnkey project management company, National Office Resources provides your company the support needed to effectively manage your assets with confidence and convenience.  An inventory Tracking System can be provided.  

National Office Resources can provide disposal services (resell, donate, discard) as well as cleaning, repairing, and refurbishing of any of your inventory items.

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